Environment Concept Artist


We’re looking for a skilled Environment Concept Artist who will embrace our philosophy and share their expertise to create an incredible experience for our players. We’re picturing someone who is passionate about world-building and experienced in creating high quality and realistic environments and props.

Skill Requirements

These requirements are for our ideal candidate, so if you don’t meet them please still feel free to apply!

  • 1+ professional years as a concept artist.
  • Portfolio with concept art pieces which showcase both your creativity and your range of skills with a focus on environments and world-building. Portfolio should show quality, taste, and ability to hit a photorealistic/believable look.
  • Mastery of relevant software packages, such as Photoshop, Painter, or similar software.
  • Strong ability with use of lighting, shape design, visual storytelling and, photo-bashing.
  • Strong understanding of scale, proportions, perspective, architecture, light and, color.
  • Basic understanding of 3D design.

Project Requirements

  • Contribute at least 5 hours a week to Project Borealis.
  • Take and provide constructive criticism.
  • Meet deadlines and manage your time.
  • Take part in meetings and discussions.
  • A desire to contribute ideas and encourage progress.
  • A passion for the Half-Life universe and making games.

Additional Skills

  • Strong traditional drawing and sketching
  • Strong 3D design and modeling
  • Experience working as part of a team.
  • Professional attitude.

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Doesn't have to be Valve or Half-Life related, but must clearly demonstrate the required skills.

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