Update 2: Episode 1

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Hi everyone!

We’re super excited to bring you another well-timed update on the groundbreaking progress the Project Borealis team has been making since the start of the year.

Right out the gate, our most exciting announcement in this update is that starting next week, pre-orders for Project Borealis G-Man Edition will begin! This special edition will only be available for a few weeks, so get it while you can! Full details regarding the G-Man Edition are subject to be released at a future date.

Now onto the content!

3D Art

The 3D art team has been experimenting with some innovative ideas for a new Crowbar design. They assure us that this is in no way copyright infringing, and can’t wait to read all your opinions on the practicalities of the crossguard.

The team has outdone itself for this update and also provided several current-gen models:


Our animators have been taking a mighty crack at a couple of new animations and they’re ready to show them off in this update. First up, we have our flexible crowbar swing animation, which the team tell us “still needs some work”. Then there’s our newest mini-pistol reloading animation which will fit perfectly with the game’s stealth escort sections.


The music team went retro this update and looked back at some of Half-Life 2’s most memorable tracks with the intention of reworking them in new and interesting ways. In this update they’re showing off just one track, which we feel needs no introduction.

Concept Art

The concept art team assure us they’ve also been working hard, but we’re pretty sure they’re just tracing over Half-Life 2 images.

This month we asked the team to put the tracing paper away and create some innovative sketches of Gordan Freeman’s iconic crowbar. In hindsight, we needed to be more specific.

A question we’ve heard from the community many times since starting our work is ‘will we see everyone’s favorite character returning in Project Borealis?’ Well, while we’re pretty certain Lamarr didn’t survive his journey at the end of Episode 2, we’re happy to announce that a new head-eating creature will be making her debut - Lena! She’ll accompany the player throughout the game, getting involved in a bunch of wacky hijinks along the way.

To celebrate the new arrival, we’ve given Lena and Lamarr new homes on Project Borealis’ official Discord channel. Be sure to join so you can use your very own Lamarr and Lena emojis!

New Openings

Finally, we’re happy to announce that we’re beginning to take applications for voice actors! The first character we’re opening applications for is none other than the man himself, Gordon Freeman. Apply here!